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Muesli Muffins

Eating cupcakes can be a bit of a guilty pleasure, something you do not do every day. But with muffins it’s a different cup of tea, I can eat them every day and feel no remorse at all! Even though they contain a lot of sugar and a bit of fat too, they have this healthy aura I like to hold on to… >>

Autumn Muffins

It’s these kind of recipes that send out the right kind of whiffs to get me in a cheery autumn mood. All I need then to make me completely happy is a look out of the window onto the trees … >>

‘Beet’ these Vanilla Muffins

Today I made delicious vanilla muffins. Thinking of red velvet cake, I added color by using beetroot puree. The paints of nature can be more intense than any artificial coloring! >>

Merry Christmas Muffins

These festive muffins are great to bake for a Christmas morning breakfast. I especially love the moistness and the surprise, because every bite gives you a different combination of tastes and textures. I ‘invented’ these muffins because I wanted to use my home made candied orange peel and sweet marzipan. Together with the red cranberries and not forgetting… >>