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My Dutch speculaas gingerbread cake with rye, buttermilk & honey

Since December last year I have made this recipe many times and tried out many different versions. The version you will find in the recipe is the one that will appeal to anybody who is a fan of speculaas (speculoos), gingerbread and… >>

Almond and Cranberry filled Speculaas Pies

I think I love the filled speculaas even better than the speculaas cookies. It is a bit of extra work, but with these pies you get the crispy cookie-like edges and the soft almond filling plus the cranberry surprise… >>

Quest for the Best Speculaas

Like marzipan, speculaas (or speculaasjes as the individual cookies are called) is a cookie highly connected with the feast of Sinterklaas in Holland. The name speculaas has to do with the wooden molds the cookies are made … >>

Christmas Scones

Don’t forget to be generous with cream and jam!…And don’t forget to feed the birds (not with scones)! It’s 5 days until Christmas and the world around me is white. It’s just a little veneer of white, but it looks … >>