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Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

Always looking forward to making pizza during the weekend. Be it classic with mozzarella and tomatoes, or my favorite alternative with pear and taleggio cheese. Of course making your own pizza dough is the way to go… >>

Pizza Dough with a Poolish

If you you are not stressed for time and are looking for maximum taste, try and make my favorite pizza dough, using a poolish preferment. A poolish is made in a minute, the only thing is you have to think in advance… >>

Pizza – until you have that wood-fired oven…

We wanted to get as close to the fire of a real pizza oven as possible, until we would have the place, time and money to build one ourselves. Then one evening we zappingly land in the middle of a German cooking “infomercial” about a little pizza oven you can use at home. What intrigued us was that the crust on the pizza looked really good.Long story short: >>

Things We Baked This Weekend II & A Word of Thanks

Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic, stimulating and inspiring reactions to our first bread video. And also to all the people who tasted our bread this year and asked for more! and also gave very useful tips for improvement and additions. … >>

You Guessed It…More Bread

As new buns and cakes are in the making, we wanted to show you a few baking exercises we worked on yesterday. Great result with making a whole wheat loaf, which tasted so much better then the average blugghhh tasting … >>

Norwegian Food

Spending over 4 weeks in Norway has taught us a lot about food culture in Norway. The short version: if you are particular about your food: Go to Italy! If you are a resourceful and inventive person there can be … >>

New Year in Norway

We were fortunate enough to spend the beginning of the New Year in beautiful Norway. It is great to experience a real winter around this time of the year. So we made the most of the snow and did all … >>