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de pain rustique is heel wat sneller klaar dan mijn broodje !
Ik werk op dezelfde manier echter mijn rijstijden zijn veel langer . De 40′ zijn bij mij 50′ . De 2x 25 minuten zijn bij mij ook 50′ en de eindrijs na het vormen wel 2u30′ . Dat maakt dat mijn brood pas laat in de namiddag gebakken is . Ik gebruik half speltbloem en half speltmeel . .
Ik vraag mij af of het met jullie tijden dus ook zou lukken of maakt spelt toch verschil ? Zou ik mijn rijstijden kunnen inkorten ?
Tot mijn schrik is deze week op mijn starter die ik bewaar in de frigo een grijze laag gekomen . Het ruikt ook scherp . Ik gebruik die starter nu al anderhalf jaar . Toen begonnen met roggemeel en altijd speltbloem of meel toegevoegd . Ik heb die laag er een beetje afgedaan en alles omgeroerd maar kan dat nog werken ?
Ik bak steeds om de 2weken 4 broden . Dus ik ververs de starter ook om de 2 weken de dag voor ik bak . Hoelang mag je een starter zo gebruiken ?

Comment on San Francisco style sourdough bread by Leanne Sun, 26 Mar 2017 14:15:03 +0000 Hi!
Thanks for your wonderful website. I just made this and am really happy with the taste…but I only got one major air bubble and am wondering if you can please give me some tips on how next time I can get the air bubbles throughout the loaf for that true SanFran texture.
Leanne from Lausanne

Comment on Video: Baguette 80% hydration by Tomasz Sat, 25 Mar 2017 19:27:44 +0000 Hi
Your bread taste and Look great; ))
I am trying yo make light and airy pizza dough gór neapolitan pizza.
Using caputo blue pizzeria or passini verde stronger flour,
But cant get good dough; (
Fo You have recepie for that or some tips?
Best wishies

Comment on Our version of a pain rustique by Dan Spangenberg Sat, 25 Mar 2017 18:30:03 +0000 Great looking bread! I do have a couple of questions.

When you say sourdough culture, are you referring to an active 1:1 sourdough starter? I guess the ratio of the starter isn’t of much consequence since your amount of starter is only 2.2%

If you proof it in wicker banneton baskets, are you turning them over to remove the dough right before scoring and baking? I have some brotform baskets but haven’t had much success with them. The loaf always seems to stick or or deflate when I flip them over to bake. They are very well floured. Maybe I am proofing in them too long?

My last question is what is the orange handle plastic thing in the bottom of the photo of the oven (or is that a proofer?).

Also what kind of oven are you using? I need a new oven and am considering one of the Moffat Turbofan models with programmable steam injection. Comments?

Thanks for the blog and great information!

Comment on Understanding flour types by Julia Sat, 25 Mar 2017 10:39:28 +0000 Goede Morgen Marieke & Ed,

Many thanks for your article, this is very useful! I am French and I have recently moved to Australia (after living in the Netherlands, Germany and France) and I am fond of baking pastries. However my two trials were real failures here and I am beginning to understand that flour is not necessarily similar in all countries, neither is butter, cream, sugar, etc. The humidity rate doesn’t help either. I need to adapt most of my recipes.
I believe the UK standards described in your article could be an indicator for the Commonwealth countries. I will try to build my own chart. Again, many thanks, this is very valuable!
PS : if anyone has already worked on equivalences between France / Australia, please share!

Comment on Sticky Cinnamon Buns by Weekend Bakers Sat, 25 Mar 2017 09:59:30 +0000 Thank you for your very kind comment, excellent!

Enjoy with the family and greetings from Holland,

Ed & Marieke

Comment on Classic French croissant recipe by Weekend Bakers Sat, 25 Mar 2017 09:52:51 +0000 Hi Emilie,
Thank you. Can you explain what you mean by this exactly? Did the butter break up in pieces, are they visible through the dough?
And yes, you should stick to the 3 turns.

Comment on Deliciously Satisfying Muesli Buns by Dietrich H Look Sat, 25 Mar 2017 03:09:36 +0000 Baked these today, turned out great. The flavour is delicious and they rose as they should. Made them 100g each, a tad bigger.
In the recipe it might be helpful to mention to heat the water to about 120F before adding it to the mix.
Thanks for a great recipe, definately will make them again.

Comment on About Us by Vince Fri, 24 Mar 2017 19:14:22 +0000 Hi – I’m from Australia and have used your recipes for years ( baking bread in my wood fired oven).

I will be in Amsterdam end March and would love to visit your shop. What are the shopping hours and is it close to the town centre.

Kind regards

Comment on Salt in bread baking: how much and why by Ferdinand Smith Fri, 24 Mar 2017 19:06:33 +0000 Thanks for clearly explaining the roles salt plays in the bread making process. I have been baking different breads with some success. With this info, I believe I can fine tune things,thanks a lot.

Comment on Recipe for 80% hydration baguette by Ginger Dave Fri, 24 Mar 2017 16:03:59 +0000 Hello, total beginner here (just curious at the moment, not attempting a loaf like this for a while!) If the total water is 608g and the total flour is 760g, why is the hydration not 608/1368= 44% ?

Comment on Artisan bread baking tips: Poolish & biga by Drew Fri, 24 Mar 2017 15:08:46 +0000 1 teaspoon holds 3.1gm dry yeast, so 1/16tsp is a fine hair less than 0.2gm.

0.1gm dry yeast by volume = 1 smidgen. 0.2gm dry yeast by volume = 1 pinch.

Amazon sells a set of RSVP Endurance brand steel mini-scoops for $6
DASH = 1/12 tsp
PINCH = 1/16 tsp
SMIDGEN = 1/32 tsp

They sell other brands of them too, but RSVP describes them as holding the fractional teaspoon amounts. The other brands are just guessing at it. I like RSVP; I have their crank sifter and it’s very well made.

Comment on Handy sourdough tips by Brian Fri, 24 Mar 2017 02:32:24 +0000 Thanks for the response. After I posted the Q a few days ago I went ahead and starting feeding my current starter with WW exclusively. I used the starter in your San Francisco style sourdough bread recipe with outstanding results.

I’ll use it in some other recipes I’ve worked on and see what happens. Will the WW make any difference in longer-term storage? I have 4 strains in the fridge, so each one usually get revived/refreshed every two months.

Thanks for a great website! Easy to understand, nice clear recipes.

Comment on Classic French croissant recipe by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:52:35 +0000 Thank you very much Rosanne and enjoy your ‘retro’ baking, old favorites can be the best and most enjoyable bakes!

Comment on Salt in bread baking: how much and why by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:50:20 +0000 Hi Jim,
So great to be able to bake your own and decide what goes in it!

Happy baking and eating

Comment on About Us by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:48:54 +0000 Hoi Monique,
Wat fantastisch te lezen! Heel blij met je enthousiasme en het feit dat onze recepten zo bevallen. En de croissants en derde poging een succes…dat klinkt heel bekend!
Met het croissantdeeg kun je overigens nog meer leuke en lekkere dingen maken (vooralsnog in het Engels deze recepten):…x-raisins/

Heel veel bakplezier!

Comment on Sourdough pain naturel by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:42:44 +0000 You are doing well not to give up!

Comment on Handige tips voor zuurdesem bakkers by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:38:44 +0000 Hallo Bart,
De vraag is of de condities waaronder je gebakken hebt gelijk waren. Heb je hetzelfde meel/dezelfde bloem gebruikt en was het deeg van gelijke temperatuur tijdens het rijzen?
Misschien was je brood bij de eerste poging nog net in staat tot een ovenrijs, maar was het bij de tweede poging net over-rezen. Het desem zou geen verschil moeten maken en het klinkt goed wat je over je starter zegt.
Brood bakken is geen geluk hebben, maar meer exacte wetenschap. Het helpt om aantekeningen te maken en zo consistent mogelijk te zijn en ook veel ervaring op te doen met een paar recepten, zodat je weet hoe het deeg er uit moet zien en aan moet voelen. Dat is belangrijker dan het inschatten van volume, want dat is in de regel geen goede graadmeter. (zie ons verhaal hierover:…e-in-size/)
Zie ook:…che-brood/

Happy baking weekend!

Comment on Artisan bread baking tips: Poolish & biga by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:29:42 +0000 Much appreciated RSAJ!

Comment on Classic French croissant recipe by Weekend Bakers Thu, 23 Mar 2017 21:29:03 +0000 Hello Dorothy,
Thank you very much for your very kind comment. We have no book of our own to offer. It would be interesting and fun to do but if we did ever make one, we would want it to be a book that contributes something extra and not ‘more of the same’ , which is hard to do of course looking at the many, many baking books already produced.

Greetings from Holland and enjoy your baking and reading,

Ed & Marieke