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Weekend Bakery

Weekend Bakery wants to offer and share information, tips, techniques, recipes and tools for the ‘professional’ home baker, with an above average interest in the art of artisan bread making. Weekend Bakery points to the fact that a lot of people, like us, concentrate their baking activities around the weekends and holidays. The moments you look forward to, thinking about what recipes to try or which favorite loaves to bake.

Weekend Bakery is serious about artisan bread making. We have our own ‘at home micro bakery’. Making bread in small quantities with time and attention will deliver great and rewarding results. So why not try and make your own too? It’s a hobby with great benefits for your mind as well as your body. Making good bread appeals to all your senses. Working with dough can be your own form of meditation. Your body can seriously benefit from the bread you make.

So there are lot’s of good reasons to make your own. Maybe you’ve already discovered them. So if you are serious about good bread making, Weekend Bakery is the place for you. Get your hands stuck in a piece of dough and smell the aroma of your own sourdough starter.

Our Artisan At Home Bakery
We are passionate home bakers. We have been sharing our quest for good food and especially good bread for over 18 years. We love sharing our homemade bread and recipes with friends and family and everybody who’s truly interested. We are especially enthusiastic about the ‘artisan’ way of baking. Traditional methods, few ingredients, lots of taste. It’s amazing and rewarding to discover you can make a wonderful bread with just flour, water and salt and a bit of homemade sourdough.

Our Bakery Tool Shop
We are proud to offer a range of bread baking tools that are perfect for the home baker and small bakeries. All bread baking tools are made within the European Union and of the highest quality. And there’s some very original sweet baking stuff too. Plus we ship all over the world. Come and take a look and get inspired to bake!

Things we love to bake and make
There are some items that we have really ‘made our own’ over the years. Next to our “Pain Rustique’ and Pain au Levain’ that has an ever growing enthusiastic following, we have perfected the art of croissant making and baguette baking. We also make traditional Dutch specialties like suikerbrood (sugar loaf) speculaas, cinnamon buns and roggebrood (rye bread). We love making our own pizza and flatbreads. We also make our own marmalade from the Sevilla oranges when in season and like to experiment with chocolate and caramel too and love to roast our own coffee beans.

Besides the baking
We love to travel. Our favorite destinations are Italy, France, Norway and Canada. Favorite cities: New York, Venice, Amsterdam.
Also fond of (outdoor) cooking, the Italian kitchen, Indian and Japanese food and much more…

Happy baking from Weekend Bakery!

Ed & Marieke

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61 Responses to About Us

  1. Cynthia Sternberg says:

    Do you send out news letters? I would love to be on your mailing list. I am a newly, returned, bread baker. Having been avid in my younger life, I have found a renewed love of all things bread.

    I do have one question. I have a recipe that I have used for 40 years. It is a sweet challah type bread that I use for every thing from sandwiches to sweet honey rolls. It calls for three risings; two pre-shaping, and final post shaping. Is it necessary to do the third rise? I want to experiment, but fear of failure with a recipe that has served me so week for so so long, stops me.

    I look forward to using your website and shopping for the, must have items you carry

    Best bread!

  2. Jan Joore says:

    Goedenavond Ed en Marieke,
    Ik maak geregeld brood of een van die andere lekkere dingen die er op jullie website staan. Allemaal even lekker. En nog het belangrijkste: de recepten kloppen gewoon en daar kun je bij anderen niet van op aan, met een slecht resultaat als gevolg.
    Maar hebben jullie al eens nagedacht om alles in een boek samen te vatten. Ik zou het kopen en aan iedereen aanraden.
    Ik heb boeken over brood en banket in de kast staan waar ik minder in kijk en mee doe dan met de recepten van Weekend Bakery.
    Boeken van professionele bakkers die ronduit tegenvallen.
    Ook de producten die jullie verkopen hebben me op weg geholpen om al jaren mijn eigen brood te bakken.
    Dank je wel, Groeten Jan

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hallo Jan,
      Heel veel dank voor je lovende woorden! Wat fijn om te horen dat je onze recepten juist daarom zo waardeert, want we besteden er ook veel tijd aan om het goed te doen. Een bundeling van favoriete recepten staat wel vaag op de agenda maar door drukke activiteiten als werk en verhuizen komt dat weer wat verder in de toekomst te liggen. Plannen genoeg, maar de tijd…je zou soms wat extra moeten kunnen aanschaffen om alles te verwezenlijken wat je in je hoofd hebt! Maar een uitgave met recepten, ja dat lijkt ons wel gaaf om nog eens te realiseren.

      Heel veel bakplezier en mooie broden gewenst!

      Ed & Marieke

  3. Abu says:

    i am planing to open cafe and bread bakery in Nigeria but,presently i am a student in Delft,Netherlands. I am interested to learn variation of high quality of baking different bread and sourdough bread, where can i learn here in delft physically?
    Thank you

  4. Vince says:

    Hi there

    Thanks again for this very informative website.
    I just wanted to ask I be recently purchased a little spiral mixer ( dough capacity 10kg).
    I wanted to try the pain rustique recip (even the 80% hydration baguette recipe) but wanted to know whether I can do all ” the stretches and folds” in the revice by switching on the spiral mixer for say 1 min or so.
    A general question: can I use a spiral mixer for say 1 min for recipes that ask for a ‘street and fold’.

    I tried using the spiral for the 80% hydration bagueete recipe but failed to develop gluten in the spiral mixer. Anyhow thoughts?


    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hi, 80% is high to knead with a spiral mixer. You can add at first 70% of the water, knead the dough, then add the 10% last bit and knead again.

  5. etti says:


    I am planing to open cafe bakery , and I am interested to learn variation of hi quality sourdough bread, also organic bread,
    I am a chef and working in a bakery but no sour dough bread. where is the best place to learn how to do it

    Thank you


    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hi, Try to find a local bread baking workshop. However there is no substitute to practice, so bake bake and bake. Try our Pain Rustique recipe and bake the this recipe for at least a dozen times to get the feel for it. Good luck!

  6. Tracy Rossa says:

    Hello–or Tag! I am a home baker in the US married to a german, so I have learned to bake European bread. Pretty well if I may say so! My sister invited me for a trip to amsterdam at the end of June. Could you recommend some great bakeries and pastry shops to visit (and taste!) while we are there? Thank you so much! I really enjoy baking from your website–excellent recipes and tips! keep up the good work! Thank you!

  7. Helio says:

    Hello Ed and Marieke,
    What a wonderful site you have! I live in Brazil and making bread at home is a great hobby for me. When I found out your detailed instructions, tips and techniques, I really got excited. It also reminded me of Amsterdam when I saw the kerstbrood recipe. I can not wait to try it :)

    Thanks very much for sharing all these treasures!

  8. Jose Chaves says:

    Very good iniciative!
    A lot of information and tips.

  9. Dave says:

    Hi Ed and Marieke,
    What a great site! I live in the UK and had been baking bread at home off and on for many years. When I retired I began baking all my bread (apart from the occasional emergency purchase). I take it so seriously that my family bought me a 5 day course with Richard Bertinet in Bath, UK for my 70th birthday last year. I will be trying some of your recipes in the near future.

    Recently my wife and I made our first ever visit to the Netherlands, four nights in Amsterdam. Whilst we were there I was impressed with the quality of the bread we ate in the cafes for our lunch. I usually chose wholemeal and this was generally excellent. Were we just lucky? Bread in the UK has been universally poor, but the availability of good bread in some independent establishments has improved considerably in the last two or three years. I thought that the bread we ate in Amsterdam may have had a rye component. Is this common. The bread was certainly flavoursome and of good texture.

    Thank you!

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hi Dave, I think you were lucky for a bit. A lot of bad bread can be bought, but during the last few years things start to improve especially in the bigger cities. Small bakeries popup with excellent bread. The current trend is to color white bread dark with burned malt, this way it looks healthy but it is of course still white bread with some nuts and seeds. Have fun in Bath, we visited Bath for a day a few years back, very nice city!

  10. Pete says:

    Hi Ed and Marieke,
    I have been letting my various breadmaker machines make mediocre loaves for about 15 years. Then when I retired 5 years ago I decided to do it properly.
    I think I must have bought, read and experimented from every ‘artisan bakery’ bread book out there, with varying degrees of success. Then a couple of weeks ago I found your ‘Week-end Bakery’ web site and tried your recipes and techniques, which have produced hugely improved results. Thank you so much!
    Your pain rustique and buns (which we call cobs in the UK) are favourites so far.
    No longer is my partner looking aghast when finding me browsing industrial scale mixing machines, he is even suggesting I might start a small village bakery. (Or is this a new level of sarcasm…. hmmm?)

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hi Pete, thank you for your nice comment. Baking your own bread is very rewarding. I have my eye on a ‘small’ retro looking Kemper 15L mixer, now I only have to find a reason to own such a machine 😉 Happy baking!

  11. patricia says:

    Being sad that my croissants yesterday never turned out the way I hoped. I turned to Internet and typed up afew words about where I went wrong.
    And to MY GREAT inward despair your LOVELY Video on French Croissants came up. i think the angels must have typed your site for me. ;-).

    Well I just want to say. Bravo,with trying over and over to make Croissants that give you that ,how do you say. A feeling within that you just fills you like no other when you feel that you have reached 9/10 or why not 10/10 of all the work that you have tried and looked for all over in recipes books,where ever you could. I have just made my first lot last night and was sad to see the results,so today,i found your site and your love of them and i shall try your recipe XXX also the Kouign amann is another love of mine,and I would like too that you take us down that road.Danish too.

    Kindest regards


    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Patricia, thank you for your kind words. With croissants there is no substitute for practice, there is no place to hide. When you are not doing it 100% you end up with a bad croissant. This is for us the fun of making croissants and of course eating them 😉

  12. Gabriella de la Croix says:

    What a nice web site! My name is Gaby and I was born in Den Hague. Someday I would like to go back to the Netherlands to visit my family. I love to bake (I work for a bakery in Corona, California) Bakeries here in the states are very different than in Europe. I think I can learn a lot from you both. I can’t wait to get started! Keep up the good work!!

  13. MaryJane Syvertsen says:

    I love this site! Thank you and I have learned so much about how to improve my bread baking skills!!!

  14. Kathryn Johnston says:

    Hi Ed and Marieke, thanks so much for your Weekend Bakery website and all the wonderful information. I live in Queensland, Australia and retired in 2013. I have made bread for around 15 years in my Breville Bread Maker however now stepping into the world of sourdough. I have read widely about it and commenced a starter making notes along the way. The first one had to be aborted. Then I found your website and I am following your recipe for the starter culture step-by-step. By day 2 things were working well and I am now at day 3 with an active starter, smelling good so far! Once I make the sourdough pain naturel I will send you a photo. I will also do a post on my blog site with a link back to Weekend Bakery. Thanks again, you are inspirational. Best wishes, KJ

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Kathryn, thank you for your kind words. Hope to hear from you with your first results! Happpy baking!

  15. Veena says:

    Dear Ed & Marieke

    I have recently succumbed to the charms of baking. I am working full time, and use any spare time searching for recipes and the weekend baking. I live in Dubai. While searching for a recipe for rasberry and almond tart (which I tasted yesterday in a local cafe), was directed to your website. I feel as if I have hit the jackpot :-o). I am so in love with your website.

    I have not had much success with bread-making, but after reading your blog, I am more than ready to give it a try again. Thank you so much for inspiring me. I will be trying the tart recipe first. Thank you sooooo much.
    God bless you both.


  16. Mrs Karen Aslett says:

    Dear Ed and Marieke
    A friend of mine recently told me about your site-I’m so glad she did,I think it’s absolutely great ! It has become my most used bread information and recipe place.Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and tips ,these are the things that us home bakers need .Whatever you do please do not stop writing about your bread making!
    Yours gratefully Karen Aslett

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Karen,

      Thank you very much indeed for your wonderful comment filled with compliments. We wish you much baking inspiration and lots of beautiful loaves. And we will continue with our baking journey of course!

      Greetings from Holland,

      Ed & Marieke

  17. Ellen van Schaik says:

    Dag Ed & Marieke,

    Hartelijk dank voor het uitgebreide antwoord over diastatisch maltpoeder.
    Super zoals jullie de zaken aanpakken. Het is inderdaad beter om met de juiste technieken en grondstoffen tot een goed produkt te komen. Dit projekt kwam op mijn pad nadat ik mijn bakactiviteiten wat uit wilde breiden. Daarom leek het me een goed idee om eerst het maltpoeder te kopen en het misschien daarna ook zelf te maken. Omdat daarvoor o.a. een apparaatje aangeschaft moet worden om het graan te malen, wilde ik nog niet te hard van stapel lopen en het eerst “gewoon” uit te proberen om wat meer ervaring te krijgen met het brood bakken. Ik begrijp dat niet alles wat de naam biologisch heeft goed voor ons is en probeer ook zoveel mogelijk zakjes en pakjes te vermijden. Daarom denk ik hier nog even verder over na, want natuurlijk is er veel lekkers te bakken zonder dit maltpoeder, maar ik was zo enthousiast en wilde het graag meteen uitproberen.

    Nogmaals dank voor het antwoord en veel succes met de bakaktiviteiten/ontwikkelingen.
    Ik houd de site goed in de gaten.

    Vele groeten van Ellen

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Klinkt allemaal heel goed Ellen, ook om het op deze manier eerst eens uit te proberen en resultaten ‘met’ en ‘zonder’ met elkaar te vergelijken. Dit soort projecten vinden wij ook heel leuk en leerzaam. Misschien heb je ook onze ‘flour experimenten’ al eens bekeken?…nt-part-1/
      Het enthousiasme is heel herkenbaar :)

      Een heel mooi (bak) weekend,

      Marieke & Ed

  18. Ellen van Schaik says:


    Met belangstelling lees ik over uw “diastatic malt” en het recept van de witte broodjes.
    Mijn vraag is: Gaat u dit diastatic maltpoeder in uw webshop verkopen?

    Bedankt alvast voor uw antwoord.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Ellen van Schaik

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Beste Ellen,
      We gaan dit voorlopig helaas niet aanbieden in onze webshop. Hopelijk vind je het met onze instructies ook leuk eens zelf te maken. De meeste moutpoeders die je kunt kopen (die zijn dus niet diastatisch) bevatten geen actieve enzymen en ook zijn ze vaak gebrand (donker om wit brood een zogenaamde gezond bruin kruim te geven) dus wat moutpoeder zo goed maakt zit er dan juist niet meer in! Het loont dus wel de moeite het zelf eens te proberen.

      Happy baking!

      Marieke & Ed

      • Ellen van Schaik says:

        Bedankt voor het antwoord.
        Wordt dit diastatisch maltpoeder misschien ergens in Nederland verkocht?
        Natuurlijk is zelf maken leuker, maar als beginnend bakster heb ik alle aandacht nodig om een goed brood te bakken en koop ik liever eerst goede grondstoffen en ga in een later stadium zelf experimenteren.

        Hartelijke groeten,

        Ellen van Schaik

        • Weekend Bakers says:

          Hallo Ellen,
          De uitdaging is dat we (voor zover wij weten) geen verkooppunten voor diastatisch mout kunnen vinden, alleen voor moutpoeder zonder deze eigenschappen (en dan is het dus eigenlijk een soort zoetmiddel en kleurmiddel dat je helemaal niet nodig hebt).
          We hebben nog een andere suggestie voor je, namelijk een soortgelijk recept voor witte broodjes, waarbij je geen diastatische mout gebruikt, maar wel een voordeegje (poolish) maakt om smaak en structuur te ontwikkelen. Wij maken dit recept zelf ook regelmatig.
          Je vindt het recept (in het Engels) hier:

          Veel bakplezier!

          Marieke & Ed

          • Ellen van Schaik says:

            Ed & Marieke,

            Dank je wel voor het antwoord en het recept.
            De Zuidmolen in Groesbeek verkoopt blank moutmeel en ik heb hun mijn vraag voorgelegd of hun meel aan “diastatic malt” voldoet.
            Dit is het antwoord:

            Beste Ellen,
            Diastatisch moutmeel zoals ze dat in engeland gebruiken is een mengsel van tarwebloem, moutmeel en enzymen. Vaak is er ook meelverbeteraar E300 (= ascorbinezuur=vitamine c) aan toegevoegd. De werking is ongeveer hetzelfde als een eenvoudige broodverbeteraar zoals enzymmix (=tarwebloem, enzymen, E300). In enzymmix zit echter geen moutmeel. Dit kun je ook apart toevoegen of bruinbroodpoeder gebruiken. Bruinbroodpoeder is een broodverbetermiddel waar moutmeel inzit.
            Met vriendelijke groeten
            De Zuidmolen
            Wat denken jullie? Komt dit dicht in de buurt bij jullie eigen gemaakte diastatic malt?
            Ik zag dat bruinbroodpoeder bij hun ook in de biologische versie verkocht wordt …..

            Met vriendelijke groeten,
            Ellen van Schaik

          • Weekend Bakers says:

            Hallo Ellen,

            De eerste zin uit het antwoord geeft aan dat het moutmeel dat hier verkocht wordt niet ‘diastatisch’ is.
            Het mooie van de pure manier van het laten kiemen en drogen van je eigen graan is dat je de juiste stoffen en enzymatische werking krijgt die al van oorsprong in de plant aanwezig is, zonder dat je verder iets toevoegt wat je niet in je brood wilt hebben. Het kopen van zakjes ‘broodverbeteraar’ en bruinbroodpoeder (die natuurlijk best hun werk zullen doen) waaraan ‘enzymen’ en ‘verbeteraars; zijn toegevoegd is een ondoorzichtige wereld waarover in boeken als ‘bread matters’ van bakker Andrew Whitley veel is geschreven. Om een lang verhaal kort te maken: Je hebt ‘enzymen’ die vaak niet zo goed voor je zijn en in broodverbeteraars zitten er soms wel 16 verschillende. Iedereen maakt zijn eigen keuze over wat hij gebruikt en waarom en hoe belangrijk hij of zij dit vindt. Om precies te weten welke enzymen er bijvoorbeeld in een zakje ‘enzymix’ zitten zou je dit door iemand moeten laten onderzoeken. Dat gaat wel wat ver natuurlijk.

            Wij zijn van de school dat we in principe geen ‘verbeteraars’ aan ons brood toevoegen. Het laten kiemen van ons eigen biologische graan en het drogen en fijnmalen van deze kiemen en dat toevoegen aan ons brood, past in ons idee van een toevoeging die echt vanuit de plant komt, met voedingswaarde en een actieve werking.
            Kortom, in onze ogen is een zakje enzymix iets dat wel een goed bakresultaat zal opleveren, maar niet iets wat wij zelf zouden gebruiken en ook niet iets dat hetzelfde is als pure diastatische mout. Ook bij de andere (en ook biologische) broodpoeders zitten ingrediënten en toevoegingen die wij niet aan ons brood willen toevoegen.

            Sorry, dat het best lastige materie is, ingaan op het hoe van enzymatische werking levert bijna een wetenschappelijk artikel op. En het gaat natuurlijk ook om lekker bezig zijn met brood bakken. Het is ook heel leuk en uitdagend om je brood met de juiste technieken en tijd naar een zo goed mogelijk niveau te krijgen, zonder toevoegingen. Wij zijn daar al jarenlang met veel plezier mee bezig. Dit kleine ‘mout’ project was nu net bedoelt om aan te geven dat je geen zakjes poeder hoeft te kopen en dat je alles zelf uit de plant kunt halen. Maar zonder dit is er zoveel moois te maken!

            Happy baking!

  19. Jelmer de Vries says:

    This is by far the best site for the home baker! Perfect recipes, very usable and easy to follow tips. The webshop is great too, with so many products I could’t find anywhere else. The delivery is very quick and boxed with much care. I had a question too for Ed & Marieke, and they replied in no time. Compliments!

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Thank you so much Jelmer. Very much appreciated! We hope to delight and inspire with more recipes, tips and products in the future.

      Happy baking,

      Ed & Marieke

  20. Bunny dimmel says:

    Do you have an email I can sign up for?

  21. Veronique Bauwens says:

    Verkopen jullie ook apart het meel dat in de complete set zit? Ik gebruikte jullie meel (dat dus bij de volledige set zat) voor mijn eerste zuurdesembrood dat ik maakte en heb sedertdien nooit meer zo’n goed brood kunnen bekomen met ander meel..
    ..alvast bedankt voor een antwoordje!

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Beste Veronique,

      Wij verkopen helaas geen meel of bloem (de bloem zit als extra bij het pakket dat je hebt, zodat je meteen aan de slag kunt).
      De biologische tarwebloem bij het pakket was van molen De Zandhaas te Santpoort bij Haarlem. Dat is natuurlijk niet naast de deur! Wij hebben een overzicht van molens gemaakt (…n-holland/). Er zit bv ook een molen in Zeeland en ook in België zijn molens te vinden zoals deze We weten hier uit eigen ervaring niets over het meel, maar het is vast en zeker het proberen waard. In Nederland hebben wij meel en bloem van diverse molens getest en, al zijn er verschillen, allemaal zijn ze van goede kwaliteit.

      Hopelijk is deze informatie bruikbaar. Heel veel bakplezier!

      Marieke & Ed

  22. Anne Ruslan says:

    Hi Ed & Marieke,

    I love to visiting and discovering your website, It’s such an amazing site! As an amateur home baker I can proud to my self when finally I make my own French Croissant by following step by step through your website! Awesome!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Warm Regards
    Anne Ruslan

  23. Leigh says:

    Dear Weekend Bakers,
    This is such a wonderful website. Every time I visit your site, my passion for breadmaking is rekindled. You do a wonderful job of presenting your products and sharing your passion. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Leigh,

      A heartfelt thank you for your generous comment! Hope you have a lovely Easter and happy baking!

      Marieke & Ed

  24. Raymundus Butarbutar says:

    Your site is incredible! After failing on my quest to find the a decent croissant in the bay area, I decided to take things on my own matter. The croissant here tend to either be – chewy, dense, and greasy or – overly baked and shatters in an instant (more puff pastry like). The interior shot of your latest croissant is gawk-worthy. And i love your detailed instructions. Will keep you updated on my croissant-making. thanks!

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hi Raymundus,

      Love to hear (and see) more of your croissant making adventures. Thanks so much for your kind words.

      Happy (weekend) baking!

      Greetings from Holland,

      Ed & Marieke

  25. MJ Koyuki says:

    I’m a avid novice home baker. My attempts after attempts of trying to bake a baguette were discouraging and disappointing. But after reading your site, I’m inspired and encouraged to attempt again. I’m not sure if I will succeed in baking a perfect baguette. However, I do know I can always find answers and information from your site to improve in my subsequent attempts. Thank you for sharing the information.

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Greetings to the lovely Koyuki! (what an amazing dog!)

      Yes, you are right,

      Have a look at our baguette log:…akers-log/
      There you can see we tried many times to get to the perfect baguette. With most of our recipes we try and test and practice many times, it is the only way to make progress with baking. Otherwise you just skip from one recipe to the next, never fully understanding what went right or wrong (can be fun, but in the end you will not truly learn how to bake bread).
      And recipes need to be adjusted to your situation, equipment ingredients and hands, and this takes a few turns to get it right.
      So, never be discouraged after the first (or second) time. Make notes and just keep baking. The great thing about making your own is it pretty soon tastes very good, even if it does not look the part yet!

      Thanks and we would love to see some of your results!

      Happy baking,

      Ed & Marieke

  26. James says:

    Hi, thanks for your great website and videos! I’m starting to learn home bread making. Cheers.

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Sounds great James thanks for the thumbs up and keep on baking!

      Greetings from Holland,

      Ed & Marieke

  27. Julian Pericles says:

    Hi Ed & Marieke,

    Just writing to say a thank you for your wonderful site. Having always been a keen baker, your recipes have allowed me to step up a notch and have yet to fail me! Being a cinnamon bun fiend I found your site after failing with a few other recipes, and have become famed amongst my friends and family for these buns. Not to mention the stollen with candied fruits and almond paste, nor the kaisersemmeln… I’m learning loads and loving the tastes. Looking so forward to trying your rye bread recipe too (have been in awe of dutch rye bread since a trip to an Amsterdam bakery showed me what it tastes like straight out the oven!).

    Also working as a Barista in speciality coffee I’m thrilled to hear of your roasting.

    Many thanks for sharing, happy Xmas and a happy new year!


    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Julian,
      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful baking results with us and liking the recipes so much. We love it when other bakers have such good results with our recipes too. Great the stollen is also a success, I (Marieke) love making it so much. Here in Holland we also make it for Easter, so in a few months time I get to make them again :).
      Hope you like the rye recipe too. We have the rye with raisins and also the Frisian very dark rye which is enormous fun to make too.
      Keep us posted on your results.
      Lots more baking ideas for the new year so hope you will keep track of our adventures.

      Wishing you all the best and a very happy and inspirational (baking and otherwise) New Year!

      Ed & Marieke

  28. Angela Ting says:

    Hi Marieke,
    I am a brand new home baker who has just started to learn baking from Internet. I have found your website so informative and helpful. Your site is my teacher; it’s important and precious to me. Thank you so much!
    –Angela from New York City

    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Angela,

      So nice of you to drop us a line. As you say your bread baking journey has just begun and we can tell you it will only get better as you dive further into the wonderful world of real bread. Learning the skills will guarantee you (and the ones you love) will eat wonderful bread for many years. It is a thankful ‘job’ to be able to bake and share bread with the people who appreciate it. Hope we will be able to keep inspiring you with our recipes and tips.

      Happy Baking,

      Ed & Marieke

  29. ash says:


    I love ur website. I have written you before alaso, but didn’t get any response. I am in Holland right now wanted to know if you have any workshops that you organise. I wanna learn making breads… tried many time but i am not very successful. Would love to bake a bread wth u guys.


    • Weekend Bakers says:

      Hello Ash,
      Sorry about that. We did send you an email directly (I thought) but maybe something went wrong. I am afraid we do not organize any workshops at the moment, we are just too busy. Can you tell me what you are looking for exactly and in what region you are living in Holland and for how long, maybe we can help you in some other way (contact a fellow baker that organizes workshops for example).



      • ash says:

        Hi Marieke,

        thanks for your reply, but i didn’t get any mail from you. I am living in Rotterdam till September. I learnt from your website that you are based out of Gouda. Do you have a bakery there??? Can i visit you sometimes? please let me know abou the workshops from other bakers. Also, it would be great if you can advice me about the kind of oven i should buy. I currently have convection and micro combi. and i am not very happy with it.